Why I choose cats now?

This is my “Steven”, my cat. He was with me for like 3-4 years now.

I used to be an only dog lover. I, seriously, didn’t like cats. I lost several dogs over the years. When I lost “Champ”, my therapy dog for my Bipolar Disorder II, I was heartbroken. He got distemper virus and caused him to paralyze. Someone who has hectic schedule like me, don’t have time to take care of him so I made the biggest decision of my life to put him to sleep. It was my first time to see how dogs are euthanized. I miss him so much up to this date to be honest.

My interest taking care of cats started with my guy best friend who likes cats more than dogs, and he is also allergic with dogs. I need to learn from the scratch like their body language, how do you know if they trust you, the meaning of their sounds and other stuff. I researched in YouTube and Google.

When the time that I have learned their body language, my cat became more trusted to me that I love him so much. I slow blink to him by telling him that I love him and he accompanies me during my work.

He sleeps on top of my tummy means he is comfortable with me.

He snores so loudly and make some funny faces while sleeping.

I still do have a dog but he’s not as brilliant as Champ but I didn’t have a hard time with my pets. My dogs and cats don’t fight.

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