X-Files is done, but X-Philes friendship is forever

I became an X-Phile (that’s the code name for fans of the show, The X-Files) in the year 1999. It started as a fansite in then changed the name of my website to Pinoy X-Philes (a fan-based website of The X-Files in the Philippines). I received an email from someone who is also a fan and had a meet-up with her. From there, it’s already a history. I met more Pinoy fellow fans of the show. We changed the name to Filiphiles (meaning Filipino X-Philes) but in the year 2000, our biggest breakthrough to joined NWA (New World Alliance) which brings the first sci-fi and fantasy convention in the Philippines. I didn’t know that there are other Filipino fan-based existed that time and agreed to merged into one and called ourselves, Pinoy X-Philes (again).

It has been a year since the show ended but our friendship retains. Last Oct. 12, we celebrated the birthday of Ten-Thirteen production’s owner, Chris Carter, and Mulder’s Birthday in advance.

We do this annually and never missed. We had marathons before but now we have to move on with it and just meet whenever we wanted. I’m so glad to have these guys because with the Internet and this show, I got to meet another set of friends. Not even locally but also internationally. X-Philes friendship lives forever.

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