Hobby Con in San Pedro, Laguna

Having a mall around our town, I expect that from now on, we will get some events that I like to go to like the Hobby Convention happened last week. This is not my first time to go to a convention like this. I had been in ToyCon once but since I’m living far from the venue, it didn’t happen again. I was surprised to see this convention in Robinson’s Galleria South and I was so excited as well.

As a geek myself, Hobby is my thing too. I love seeing animes, and my favorite gaming characters. I even bought my nephews toys with Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi, and Bowser for only 100 pesos and they were so happy. I bought these sticker, button, patch and Peach in her cart in Mario Kart.

I went around and see the table of Pugad Baboy and asked the man who was there if he’s going to be around the next day because I don’t have money with me and he said yes. After few moments, I heard the announcement that Mr. Pol Medina Jr.was there. I remembered that he’s the maker of the comic, Pugad Baboy and I was too embarrassed myself that I didn’t even know the face of Mr. Pol Medina Jr. He was the man I talked with!

The next day, I went back there with my friend Joy who was celebrating her birthday, and went back to Mr. Pol Medina Jr. I apologized to him because I didn’t know him by face and that was my first time to see him personally. Such a simple and low-profile man and I bought his mug with Polgas on it.

Such an honor to meet him. I love reading Pugad Baboy in Daily Inquirer before.

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