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Stationery Addict and PaperconPH

How my stationery addiction began?

I and my friend/neighbors started to collect them when we were still in Elementary. What we did is when someone has a new stationery, we exchanged one another. We love cute things but as we grow older, they already outgrew with it but I didn’t. I kept mine and my younger sister’s stationery. These are my stationery that I kept from early 90s to 2004. 2004 that’s when I stopped buying. Just stopped buying because I no longer write snail mails because of the Internet.

I have from Barbie, to Precious Moments to Harry Potter and even Korean stationery.

I didn’t anticipate that this tradition will continue up to this date. I went to PaperconPH last Oct. 5 and it was overwhelming. Packed of people went to the convention. This is the first paper convention in the Philippines. Young and old who have still the passion for all sorts that related to paper.

I was excited to meet Abbey Sy (again), Kaila Ocampo (Rainbowholic), the owner of Putinthepaper and the owner of NotedJournalPH. I followed their Instagram and wowed by their handicrafts.

I attended Kaila’s Kawaii Journaling because I’m strugging what should I put in my journal since all I do is work and I learned things and ideas what to put in the journal.

To see the stuff I bought in PaperconPH, here’s the video that I made for you. If you like my video, give it a thumbs up. For future videos, please subscribe and hit the bell for notification.

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