30ish woman from San Pedro, Laguna. I’m a web developer concentrate on WordPress flatform by profession. Outside work, I’m a gamer, cross stitcher, and occasionally live stream on Twitch.TV. A loyal fan of The X-Files. Co-founder of Pinoy X-Philes. I also like digital artwork and other creative craftwork. Joined an amateur Chinese orchestra during my schooling days. A crazy Taiwan tv series and CPOP fanatic. Foodie and a frustrated baker. Love to Travel and set foot to places I’ve never been before. Zumba girl.

I work as a full-time support to WordPress websites in a small American company.

I am a PWD (Person with Disability). I was clinically diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II and currently now doing self-help since my doctor is in PGH (Philippine General Hospital).

Other info:
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Rooster
Languages spoken: Filipino, English, Mandarin (not fluent), Hokkien (not fluent)